Getting recovered from an addiction is an ongoing and quite challenging process. People who have successfully completed the impatient stage need to find a sober place that offers a peaceful and safe environment. In order to learn how to survive in the outside world and help these individuals to get their control back over life. 

Best Sober living homes are the facilities that offer structured housing for people who are at an early stage of recovery. These homes have some house rules that every resident has to follow; however, if they are not comfortable or satisfied with the environment, they can come and go as they please. Residents of the house are allowed to work during the day to fulfill their financial needs, but they have to be punctual with their timing. The authorities of Amidah house also perform drug test periodically to ensure everyone in the house stay sober. People often think that a sober living home is the same as a rehab center but, a rehab center offers licensed and trained therapy programs and has more strict ground rules as compared to a sober living home.

Some sober living homes also offer 12-step group meetings on-site, but generally, these facilities do not offer formal treatments. So, what to expect from sober living homes in California? People living in a sober home are expected to follow the rules and regulations maintained by the specific facility. The two basic rules of every sober living home are to maintain the sober environment in the house and to offer random or scheduled drug testing. The main motive of these facilities is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for its residence so they can focus on their long-term recovery. Basically, sober living homes do not provide advanced treatments but do offer a healthy living environment. Apart from these two rules, different sober facilities may have different house rules. Now let us discuss in detail what you can expect by living in a sober facility:

  • You can expect to be accountable for your rent:

Every resident of the sober living home has to take their financial responsibilities as they might be doing if they never got addicted to drugs so, if you are living in a sober facility, you will have to pay your rent. Some people can get assistance in case they do not have a stable job others have to do it on their own. However, rent is generally quite affordable in these facilities as compared to average rents in the surrounding. National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) reports that in most facilities, the rent ranges from 400$ to 800$ every month. 

  • You can expect to be responsible for your personal maintenance:

Every resident of a facility requires to keep themselves and their quarters clean in order to maintain personal hygiene standards. However, if a resident has any disability that restricts or interferes with their ability to care for themselves, they can get assistance for their personal maintenance.  

  • You can expect to perform house chores and personal shopping: 

In some sober facilities, residents are required to prepare group meals for everyone on a rotating basis, while in some sober homes, every resident cook for themselves three times a day and have to do the cleanup after they are done. So, by living in a sober facility, you can expect to be assigned for food preparation, food shopping, and cleanup. If your residence offers group meals, you will have to do these all duties on a rotating basis, and if your facility wants everyone to prepare their own meals, you will have to do it regularly. Similarly, in other house chores, you may be assigned on a rotating basis or regularly depending upon the rules of the facility you live in. 

  • You can expect restrictions on certain medication or products:

You can expect the use of drugs and alcohol prohibited strictly. Many luxury sober living homes prohibit the use of certain products that may contain even the slightest amount of alcohol or drugs into them as mouthwashes with alcohol. Also, these facilities do not allow residents to take their medication on their own. Instead, the medications are generally dispensed by a staff member or an assigned nurse. 

  • You can expect restriction on your visitors:

Generally, every sober facility has fixed visiting hours. Even people who are married cannot meet their spouse after the visiting hours are over. 

  • You can expect to work or getting engaged in some volunteer activity:

Apart from treatment, every sober facility ensures to engage their residents in some productive activity. It may include office work, school, specific chores, volunteer work, and more. 

People living in these sober homes should expect to get an immense amount of support from the staff of the facility to overcome their addiction. They should also expect to be responsible and accountable for their behaviors. Residents of the facility should encourage the staff and other residents to maintain facility rules accordingly.


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