Anxiety is all about our fears when our palms sweat, our hearts race, and our bodies release some extra stress hormones. No matter how illogical our fear seems to other people, but it cannot change our real struggle with depression and anxiety. When we start taking drugs and alcohol, it adds another huge layer to our level of anxiety. As you all know that anxiety is a feeling of fear or worry. If you are going through some dreadful or stressful situation, you will ultimately experience anxiety or depression. But it can become an ongoing mental health problem for some people while affecting their work-life, personal life, and their relationships with their loved ones as well as the world. 

The sober living programs in California are offering various individualized recovery strategies with a sober environment that allows its residents to work on their recovery program in order to become a self-supportive person. People who are suffering from social anxiety, they use alcohol as a coping mechanism. This alcohol may work temporarily because it is the most famous depressant and a tranquilizing drink, but ultimately, it will lead you towards alcohol addiction and, most probably, towards extreme anxiety levels. According to a Health Line report, almost 20 percent of people who are suffering from a social anxiety disorder; they are also suffering from alcohol dependence. 

When a person completes his drug treatment program, which is said to be a huge step toward the road of recovery. In order to maintain the long-term sobriety, most of the people need a transitional phase between the formal treatment and returning to their first living homes. This transitional phase may include a sober living home. These sober living programs can be considered as a transitional housing arrangement that is specifically designed for the people who need a structured yet independent sober lifestyle for their recovery. Here are five incredible ways to handle your anxiety and depression during recovery sessions.


Meditation is an incredible way to transform your whole body system. It may seem like a simplest exercise, and some people also believe that it cannot help because it is so simple. The good thing about meditation is that it does not require to be flawless, you can start this exercise anywhere while sitting on the floor and your eyes being closed. If you are having a smartphone, you must download the Insight Timer application because it has a range of directed meditations with relaxing music and recovery meditations. Meditation will help you to reflect, breathe and relax in stressful moments.

  • Talk to Someone

Keeping your anxiety in the dark is the worst thing you can do because it starts irritating and increasing when you try to push it down or behave like it is not there. Whenever you feel down due to anxiety, it is really important to talk to someone even if you think it is a foolish thing to talk about. Talking about what is making you worried or anxious will bring it into the light, and it will give voice to it and will make it more manageable. You can also receive some advice while talking about it. 

  • Healthy Distractions

You can also deal with anxiety by engaging yourself in a strong distraction. If you have been using alcohol for so many years, then you need to learn some new ways that can divert your attention during anxiety. Exercise is an effective way to distract yourself while writing, listening to podcasts, reading, or creating some artistic stuff is another option. Seeing your favorite cooking program or any theater production, or different other ways that will keep your mind and heart fully occupied, until the anxiety levels got passed. 

  • Keeping a strict eating and sleeping schedule

If you do not take care of your body, your body will become anxious, and you start feeling depressed all the time. A proper eating and sleeping schedule can control the parts of your brain that are responsible for your mood swings and the anxiety levels. So, you must take a well-balanced and nutritious diet regularly while setting a sleeping schedule that you stick to every night. When your sleeping and eating habits come in place, you will experience a huge difference in your anxiety levels.

  • Yoga

Yoga is healing and soothing in so many ways as it can calm anxiety with stretching, chants, and other soothing techniques that are included in its exercise. Healthily moving your body is a great anxiety reliever. Everybody should make it a part of their addiction recovery program because it can help you in a lot of ways.


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