After an alcohol rehab program, you possibly will be considering registering in a transitional housing program (sober living home) to proceed with your recovery. 

Despite the fact there is a wide range of alternatives to look over, it may not generally be straightforward to figure out which one is the best for you.

When it comes to getting started with your search for the best sober living homes, there are some essential things to look for and will work in a way to make sure that you get the optimum care while you proceed with your recovery period. Let’s find out the essential things to see in a sober living home.

Location & Setting

If possible, the recommended way is to visit the area and visit the home first before enrolling in. You will need to ensure that it is at any rate fairly peaceful there and that it is in a good area, so you don’t need to be stressed over your own wellbeing.

You also need to consider what other things are around so you can settle on a decision that lines up with your recovery requirements. For instance, some individuals want to be in an area free from the maximum number of enticements or triggers; however, some prefer to have such cues available so they can figure out how to manage while in an organized and supportive environment.

Also, it might be significant for you to choose a home that lets you stay near your support system, for example, loved ones or the settings of your 12-step meetings.

At the time of evaluating the area, you need to focus on the general inclination you have while there. Do you feel good when you walk around and talk to individuals? Do you see yourself living there? The possibilities of staying sober and being positive in your recovery period possibly will be expanded by the kinds of relationships you create there.

Low resident to staff ratio

Generally, good sober living has a low resident to staff ratio. Having sufficient staff will help keep up a safe, agreeable, and organized sober living conditions. The constancy of the home also depends on having enough trained staff.

In order to maintain a drug-free environment, trained and experienced staff will be required. They can help ease the struggle that may arise among fellow individuals.

Furthermore, that staff will be better ready to give you the individual help and consideration that you need to continue with your recovery period.

Claims to be free or will pay you

Some dishonest sober living homes possibly will attempt to allure people to move in, offering to pay their way to the facility or by offering a free stay. In most cases, the objective behind it is that the owners gather your insurance and personal information and afterward use it to submit false insurance claims to payers. In some cases, occupants are given a payoff to help continue this kind of misrepresentation or to help enlist new inhabitants to do the same.

Researchers in Los Angeles County discovered that regular monthly fees for sober living homes fall in the range of $300 to $1,350. With that in mind, at the time of applying in a sober living home, you need to be completely informed about charges that you will need to pay. The information should be detailed at admission, and any refund policies should also be detailed before you enroll in it.

Find out the expenses associated with living there

In most cases, it can be a low cost to live in an affordable sober living home near me. However, there are certain factors such as the number of residents and locations that can affect the expenses. Some possibly will be increasingly costly and offer more facilities. You need to make sure the home chosen is within your budget.

Some other significant factors

Amongst others, the most essential one is safety. Following are concerns that are related to the safety measures: 

  • Are the staff experienced and trained to manage emergencies? 
  • Is there administration available round the clock? 
  • Do they give referrals to health professionals? 
  • Is there a high staff-to-resident ratio? 
  • Is there drug testing? 

You possibly will need to think about other options in case that the answer to any of these inquiries is “no.”


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