If you’re here and searching about a sober living environment in CA, the chances are that you are done with your initial rehab period. Or maybe, you’re about to be done with it. In any case, if you want to explore what sober living or as some might say transitional housing setup is. You also need to understand the importance of it.

Sober living is as important for any recovering addict as taking the rehab was for him in the first place. Moving on and overcoming your addiction is only half of the deal. Keeping the promise alive is what makes it complete. You have to be firm in the decision to come clean. And it gets really hard for people after getting released from the rehab facility to maintain that decorum if their surrounding is not appreciable of the fact.

People with addiction have mostly taken the attitude from their family, friends, or because of the situation, they are forced to be in. And if returning home means that they have to cater the same thing again, it’s of no use. This where a sober living environment becomes essential for them. A living facility that can hold you accountable for your deeds daily to make sure that you’re sticking with your clean routine.

“Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration” is also known as SAMHSA, has made four things crucial and important for a recovering addict to check before letting them go again in the same environment.

Health – You have to maintain a balanced mental and physical health. If the condition of your body is in worse shape, you’re much likely to go back to your relaxing drugs to feel comfortable.

Home – A lot of people have visually inherited the addiction from their family and parents. Meaning, they have a drinking mother or an alcoholic roommate who got them into this. Also, if you have to utilize all of your energy in keeping your home safe from such attractions, at the end of the day, you will be exhausted. And it will become impossible for you to continue with sobriety.

Purpose – Having a purpose in life is what matters in this time of need. If your mind or body has free time to roam around, do nothing, you will spend the energy on catering to the bad habits or company again. This can only be solved by having a structure or purpose in life—something to indulge yourself into.

Community – Having a supportive environment with friends that gets the importance of your sobriety and values the clean version of yourself is all that is needed. If you have a support system in the form of community, your neighbors, your family, your roommate that can have a check and balance on you, and at times could encourage you. You are less likely to return on the roads of addiction.

Sure, the criteria is a little too much to expect. Which is why choosing a transitional house after your return from the rehab is essential and much needed. They will provide a structure and routine to your life that you might still need—the company of people who are with you in this battle, trying to win it like you.  A sober living facility will hold you accountable for your actions and provide you with additional benefits like courses, jobs, and field works. Just to make sure that you’re staying out of danger. You have come this far, and now is not the time to look back. Recovery and healing is a process that requires help and sustainability, and only a transitional house can do that for you, responsibly.


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